The grandbaby turns one next week: what a joy he is!

Almost one!

Almost one!

I can’t believe a year has passed since my grandchild, Aidan, was born. It’s been quite an adventure watching him grow. It’s a different perspective when the kid isn’t really your direct responsibility. I’ve watched him go from a sleeping creature to a real kid.

I remember from my past experience as a mother, than once that child turns one,  babyhood is over. Once the child figures out that they can get around on their own, things change. Once they crawl and walk, it’s away from you.

Aidan has been crawling for a couple of weeks.  He’s got the army crawl down, and he does use his knees. He goes after  the same things any curious child goes for:  the door stopper, the electric outlets, a tiny item on the floor.. He is really interested in the wheels of his high chair, and he loved his great -great aunts walker’s wheels. He has protested about diaper changing by moving onto his stomach. He figured out if he holds his body stiff, it’s harder for the adults to fasten him into his high chair, and car seat. Although he doesn’t do it every time, he does it enough to let me know he has a mind of his own.


He’s also started crying a little to let you know he is not happy with the situation. For example, his dad was feeding him, and he sorrowfully cried. It took us a little while to figure out that he was frustrated because he took away the dissolving cereal he was supposed to put in his mouth. He wasn’t doing that, but he was carefully examining it.  He also tried to feed it to me. At least he has the idea, in a way. I’m hoping that means he’s going to be a giver.

He does adore my husband. He likes it when he picks him up and talks to him. We were thrilled the other day when my husband played the guitar, and he sang along with us in a soft little voice. He sang, “dada,mama,nana, and other brilliant words. He also let us know that his favorite is still “wheels on the bus.”

I got a little misty eyed when my husband gave him his bath the other day. My husband was doing his shampoo trick, gathering the hair in a funny point on the head.  It was so reminiscent of our lives 30 years ago. My husband is an efficient bath giver. He used to get them washed and dried in 2 minutes flat. He hasn’t lost his touch.

I know what’s going to happen. He will learn to walk, than talk. He will become more and more independent. He won’t want to do what mommy and daddy want to do. He will go to school, find friends, and move further and further away from us. But I’m hoping he will continue to be a part of our lives.i

In the meantime, I’m glad I got another bonus in life, the chance to watch another child develop. Without all the responsibility and work. What a joy it is!


My grandson at 7 months old and growing, growing, growing!


Today, we picked up our grandson at Daycare. We walked in and he smiled at us. The other little ones that were waiting for their mom and dads looked at us with adoring eyes. It sure would be easy to pick any one of them up and put them in your car. They’re all so trusting.  It’s been interesting watching them over the last few months. A real little one is crawling all over the place. My grandson is the only boy. I don’t think any of them realize this. They are all “too cute.”

We go in the room, and go through the ordeal of putting on his stuff and putting him in the car seat. He has almost as much luggage as I do when I go on a weekend trip. (The diaper bags, etc.) He stayed up longer than usual in the car. He didn’t take his eyes off me. I’m wondering if he remembers me from last week.  He just couldn’t make it though. He closed his eyes, just as we were pulling into the driveway. I noticed his jacket was getting little on him since he’s growing so much. He does have a variety of these jackets, so I’m not too worried .

I was happy he wanted me to carry him around when we got inside the house. I could smell his baby hair, and snuggle with him. He sat on my lap, pulled off his right sock, and  looked lovingly at my husband who was sitting next to me. He kind of bounces on my lap because he’s excited to see him. My husband is always moving, and who doesn’t want to watch that? He also tries his best to make him laugh with silly noises, etc.

Then, his daddy came in the door. We could just forget it after that. His daddy makes him laugh hysterically. All he has to do is just saying nonsensical words to him, make faces, and the child is a goner. Try as hard as he can, my husband only can get a smile out of the child, not a genuine laugh. I guess that’s the difference between being the parent and a grandparent.

We then got to watch this kid eat. We all take turns feeding him.  He can now sit in the high chair and is eating varieties of vegetables and cereal. There’s no problem with this. He will grab the bowl and spoon if you let him.  His cereal is a little hot, so he has to wait between courses. He is a big indignant and makes a frustrated noise. After he gets his cereal, he makes those mmm noises that babies make when they eat. While he’s eating, I can’t help but think about all the babies who are going hungry. It’s a sad thought. I’m glad this child has enough food to make him happy, healthy and keep him growing.

His mom is out-of-town for business, and she calls while he’s eating. He takes a little break and looks like he’d like to get inside the phone. He accidentally  turns it off trying to manipulate it.  At least with modern technology he can see her.  It’s a little heartbreaking, but she’s only on a short trip.  She’s lucky she has a good job and is successful.

After a while, we know this kid is getting tired. We know this because he starts pulling at his hair. He’s doing a little cry thing, so I take him in his room and rock and sing to him a little.  Like his mother before him, he likes this. I like it when he rests his little head on my shoulder and relaxes. He’s so tired tonight that I think he would be asleep in another minute or two. Usually, he likes to coo while I’m singing, but tonight he is just laying there listening.

Then its bath time. He’s getting big for that baby bath thing they use, but he still fits. He likes to kick and splash. The two men work as a team and wash him all up. I just sit and watch. He does a few kicks when I say kickee kick, but he’s getting water all over the place. I don’t see him staying in this bath thing much longer. Unless they want to flood the kitchen.

Finally, he’s about ready for bed. We say goodbye.  I’m happy I get to see him again tomorrow. Babies are nice when you’re older, especially when you have a frustrating day.  I might as well enjoy him as much as I can. I feel lucky to have this little one.







Taking my grandson to The Columbus Zoo’s Wildlights

Cover of "Goodnight Moon"

Cover of Goodnight Moon

I love my new grandson.  So do a lot of people.  This is the first grandchild on both sides of the family.

This kid has one huge following. I don’t think King George himself gets more attention.

Ever since he was born, we’ve all been clamoring for his attention. He’s already used to flashing cameras, and face time on the I-phone and I-Pad .  We all want him to adore each of us.  It doesn’t hurt that he is smiley, and pretty good-natured.  I’ve been excited about him since my son-in-law and daughter showed us that first ultrasound. He looked as big as a small tadpole. But, we fell in love with the idea of being grandma and grandpa right there and then. It was almost as exciting as finding out about the upcoming birth of your own kids.

The baby is now 6 months old, and is getting more interesting. Yesterday, we went along when they took him to the Columbus Zoo to see the Christmas lights. It was an elaborate display, and it was more crowded than usual.  My husband drove, and it took us an hour to drive 3 miles. Under ordinary circumstances, my husband would’ve turned the car around at the first opportunity and leave. (Neither of us have the patience for traffic.) But, we were with my daughter, and son-in-law, and our little prince. He didn’t mind the traffic. He took the opportunity to take a nap.

We finally got in the zoo. There were virtually a million or so lights on the grounds, maybe more. I looked at the baby’s reaction. He kept staring at his parents while they were strolling. He did take a look at all the lights, but who knew what he was thinking. He doesn’t talk yet.  We all kept looking at him. No wonder he was staring at all of us!

They had a big musical show, and the Christmas trees twinkled to music. My husband was so excited to show it to him. He did look straight ahead, and seemed somewhat interested. I couldn’t really tell.  My husband sure was animated, showing him the lights.

We finally went home, and his parents got him out of the crazy car seat they have these days. His mother took him into his bedroom, laid him on his changing table, and he spotted us. Suddenly, a look of some kind of recognition came across his face, and he smiled his sweet, big smile. Then she put him in his bed, and read “Goodnight Moon” to him like she does every night. He sure reacted to that. He was smiling and cooing all over the place.

She laid him in his crib and he kicked his feet with glee and happiness.  I think this is the reaction I was hoping to see at the zoo. But, I took this reaction instead. It was priceless.

The baby tastes real food. A tiny step toward independence.


Today, my husband and I went to watch our grandson eat his first  bite of oatmeal. Why did we go to the other side of town to do this?  There’s something momentous about watching a human being eat their first solid food. It’s one tiny step toward growing independent.

He's getting bigger

He’s getting bigger

We all sat down at the table with a bowl of oatmeal mixed up with formula. He knew something was up because my husband and I were holding two different cameras, and we were grinning like goons. The child is used to us doing this, but we were especially silly about this. He looked at everyone at the table with a definite look of puzzlement. It was  almost like he was saying, “What’s going on family?” He had almost the same look when we tried to give him a bath in our too small sink last week.

My son-in-law had prepared his formula with the cereal mixed up in it. He is a very specific kind of guy, so I knew it was done to perfection. Then, they sat the kid down with his bib My daughter cradled him in her lap. . (He’s been wearing the bib in case he spits up, but tonight it was for real. )My daughter sat him on her lap, and the first spoonful went in his mouth. It’s always fun to see the look of surprise that comes across their faces when they taste that oatmeal stuff for the first time. It’s like, what is this stuff? Do I like it or not? Where’s my bottle that I guzzle down in 10 minutes flat?

It took a few times, but he seemed to get into the whole thing. (In between swallows, I noticed he was rolling up his tongue)  Some of it didn’t make it into his mouth. We were all excited about the whole thing. It was almost as much fun watching his parents, as it was him. For one thing, they are doing a terrific job being parents and love the baby to pieces. They were proud of their little son. ( That’s how it should be, but it doesn’t always work that way.)

He didn’t seem thrilled with how it sat in his stomach after he ate it. I actually walked around with him because he seemed to be happy in the vertical position.  It might be that he just likes to be carried around after he eats. Who knows? The child already weighs 15 pounds, which isn’t much, but is enough for me.( I don’t remember thinking my kids were heavy, but I was a lot younger and my back was a lot stronger. I can still do it with ease,  but I don’t know how much longer this is going to last. A good incentive to keep lifting those weights in the gym).

After a few more minutes, his mom was able to comfortably sit down with him, and we went through some of his toys he has accumulated. The cool thing is he’s actually playing with them now. His other grandfather sent him some musical toys for Christmas. He banged on the toy drum, and seemed very happy about the cool noise that it was generating. . It wasn’t so long ago that the child was sleeping 16 hours a day, but that’s not the case now. There’s no doubt that this kid is growing out of infancy. Only six months till he’s a year old, and this baby stage comes to an end.

What is great about being a Grandparent is you get to watch this stuff, but it’s at a bit of a distance. It was time for us to go home.  As we were leaving, the child was drinking his bottle. He seemed happy to be drinking his old friend, the formula. He doesn’t have to work hard at drinking that. Another plus about the Grandparent gig; we won’t have to change the diaper when it all comes together at the end.

5 Ways you know your days are Numbered: An analysis of old TV shows, and deceased guests who are more relatable than the current generation of “stars”.  

My Life in my 60's


1. You are watching Me TV. You feel young when watching these shows. You are the exact same age as Jerry Mathers who played “The Beaver.” Your father reminded you of Beavers father, and your mother had the same values. (Except she didn’t wear heels and pearls. She also had a job  outside the house, and wasn’t excited about cooking.

2.. Although you can appreciate Jimmy Fallon’s talent, you  prefer the guests on old Dick Cavett shows like: the late Marlon Brando, and Charles Heston (before he was president of the NRA, but maybe that’s when his Alzheimers had already started. You hope so because you loved him as Moses.)

3.   It does still hurt to watch old Johnny Carson shows because he was a big part of your life for so many years. Even before he was on the Tonight show you remember him on “Who do you…

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From Generation to Generation: Aidan’s Great-Great Aunt Rochel

Three year old Aidan and his great-great-aunt do not concentrate on the past or the future. They both savor the present moment.

Aunt Rochel first held and spoke to  him when he was 1- day old.  Now, he converses with her in his 3-year-old way. “Sit here in this chair, and I will sit here,” he says.

Aidan doesn’t know that Aunt Rochel always had specific seating arrangements when our little family celebrated countless Shabbat and holiday dinners at her home.

Today was the first day the Jewish New Year, 5777.  She went to the temple service, and stood up for all the prayers.  She could very well have sat them out, but she refused.

“Why, I have no trouble standing, it’s just walking that’s a problem,” she says. Her balance is a bit compromised, so she uses a walker.

After services, my husband decided to take some pictures of all of us.  After all, who knows how long any of us are going to be here?  I’m betting she makes it to at least 100.

There’s a lesson to be learned from Aunt Rochel.  Tenacity and a positive attitude will get you a good, long life.

She’s outlived just about all her contemporaries. Her friends, sisters, brother-in-laws, and her beloved husband are gone. She doesn’t dwell on it. She is busy living each day, and making new friends.

Aidan had to leave earlier than Aunt Rochel. “Aunt Rochel, you can watch the rest of ‘Thomas the Train’ because I have to go,” he said.

He gave Aunt Rochel the biggest hug and kiss, because he loves her, just like the rest of us.

img_0902 img_3425

Becoming a Granny

It  finally happened. After waiting and worrying for months my grandson finally arrived on June 28. Reading my thoughts before his arrival was a bit funny. I wondered what he was going to look like, and if he would come out all right.

He came out just fine. It wasn’t the easiest birth for my daughter, but she made it through with flying colors. His physical looks aren’t much of a surprise because he is the spitting image of my daughter. Okay, he is a boy. He has the same blue eyes she was born with, and the same cute face. His handsome dad is in there somewhere too.

I saw him right after his birth, and he was looking a little bewildered. I guess we all are when we come into the world for the first time. It was touching watching my daughter and son-in-law’s faces as they looked at their child that first day. Pure love, and in 7 weeks they’ve both turned into great parents.

Me, a grandma? My husband, a grandpa?

At first, I nervously held him. (After all, my youngest adult child is going to be 32 years old.) Now, I’m not afraid; it all came back. Especially that aroma when the child has done his business.

I couldn’t wait to cuddle that little baby and sing to him. He responds too. I love it when he falls asleep on my shoulder while I’m holding him. There’s nothing like it.

My husband is holding him the way he used to hold all three of our kids when they were little. He sits him up in a funny way, and he talks to him. The child seems to be listening to him too.

My husband and I got into the same talking pattern, and saying the same silly things to the baby. For a moment, we could pretend we were young again, but only for a moment.

I am looking at this from a different perspective. I swear I don’t remember how much time my infants spent sleeping. I guess I was so busy that I didn’t notice how much time it took for them to grow and develop. It’s always a relief when they are sound asleep.

Right now, he’s at the stage where he’s fascinated with staring at light, and he is becoming a little more engaged. He is even starting to smile.

He is different from my kids because he took his “binky.” That’s what they’re calling pacifiers these days. My children just spit theirs out. I guess I didn’t have the patience for it. Besides in the olden days our kids slept with blankets. Now, they put them in some kind of swaddling thing. They also put them on their backs. It’s a good thing because it cuts down on sudden infant death.

This child is very lucky. He’s wanted on both sides of his family. Everyone adores and loves him. That’s how it should be for every newborn. It seems unfair that everyone is not wanted and loved from the first second of life.

So, at seven weeks that’s where I’m at. There’s just something wonderful about a new innocent life. I feel very fortunate that I got to experience it again. I think I’m going to like this granny stuff.

Heading towards 3: Independent with a strong will

My grandson, Aidan, is really coming into his own.  He has his own eating preferences, toys, and  there’s no more guessing what he’s saying. “Grandma, I need my privacy” was one expression that amused me

No more eating a variety of fruits and vegetables like several months ago. His favorite dinner is everyone else’s appetizer: round crackers deluged with peanut butter.  He also likes bananas and oranges. Little cherry tomatoes which he liked last year don’t fit his bill of foods anymore. Like most kids, if it isn’t appealing to his eye, he’s not going to put it in his mouth. He’ll also go for macaroni and cheese.

I do understand at daycare, he eats whatever they put in front of him. Maybe that’s peer pressure.

And he knows Grandma and Grandpa don’t have the will to rule over him. Easy marks. My chocolate yoplait yogurt turned him on, and it’s a little tart!

One change for the better, is his playing time. He can amuse himself with toys. He runs his little cars around, puts little people in and out of contraptions, and builds with his blocks.

He gleefully dug dirt from the garden and dumped it on the plants, himself and me. He intently washed his toys, and himself, with the garden hose.

I was in for some trouble when I took him for a walk in his wagon, and then let him out. He proceeded to run down the sidewalk. Luckily there was a dog in one of the garages and he decided he’d rather get back in and ride.

Another necessary, but sad part of childhood, is discovering not everything is safe or friendly.

He  was happily gardening

before his parents came to collect him for a birthday party. He wasn’t ready to give up the activity.

What they do these days is give them warning that things are going to change.

“In 10 minutes you’re going to have to go to bed, ” his mother says , on 15 minutes you will have dinner? Etc.

“I’m almost ready, “he says. I have to admit this works for all of them. But I still haven’t caught on to this new technique yet,

Aidan’s 21st century  parents had to do some pretty slick transition work to get him out of our house to go to a birthday party

He was running around with one doc off, his pull-ups and no pants

This was after joyfully pulling toilet paper off the roll and flushing the toilet. ( All for naught by the way.)

I said, “I wish I could come to a birthday party,” and he empathetically told me , “it was closed today.”

So that’s the way it was August 23, 2016.