From Generation to Generation: Aidan’s Great-Great Aunt Rochel

Three year old Aidan and his great-great-aunt do not concentrate on the past or the future. They both savor the present moment.

Aunt Rochel first held and spoke to  him when he was 1- day old.  Now, he converses with her in his 3-year-old way. “Sit here in this chair, and I will sit here,” he says.

Aidan doesn’t know that Aunt Rochel always had specific seating arrangements when our little family celebrated countless Shabbat and holiday dinners at her home.

Today was the first day the Jewish New Year, 5777.  She went to the temple service, and stood up for all the prayers.  She could very well have sat them out, but she refused.

“Why, I have no trouble standing, it’s just walking that’s a problem,” she says. Her balance is a bit compromised, so she uses a walker.

After services, my husband decided to take some pictures of all of us.  After all, who knows how long any of us are going to be here?  I’m betting she makes it to at least 100.

There’s a lesson to be learned from Aunt Rochel.  Tenacity and a positive attitude will get you a good, long life.

She’s outlived just about all her contemporaries. Her friends, sisters, brother-in-laws, and her beloved husband are gone. She doesn’t dwell on it. She is busy living each day, and making new friends.

Aidan had to leave earlier than Aunt Rochel. “Aunt Rochel, you can watch the rest of ‘Thomas the Train’ because I have to go,” he said.

He gave Aunt Rochel the biggest hug and kiss, because he loves her, just like the rest of us.

img_0902 img_3425


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